Regret – A Young Woman’s Story About Drinking And Driving

By August 28, 2013Crime

Submitted. In late July 2013 a young Abbotsford woman made telephone contact with the Abbotsford Police Department. It was the first contact she had with police since an impaired driving collision she had been involved in months earlier. The woman expressed remorse and took full responsibility for her actions and was grateful that the collision did not cause serious injuries or death.

Prior to the crash she had made a series of positive decisions that placed her on a very promising path. She was ambitiously working two jobs, had her own apartment and recently purchased her first car. There were impactful consequences that resulted from the impaired collision. Her work required her to drive and she found herself without a vehicle or a license. Without work she couldn’t pay the rent and the independence of the apartment slipped away. There were fines and bills and more bills. Things that had gone so well as the result of those positive choices crumbled because of a single very negative one.

Still, the young woman didn’t blame anyone but herself. She was aware of the potential risks of impaired driving but ignored her better judgment. We asked her to share her story with the hope that it might influence other people to make the right choice. She agreed without hesitation. We think that was a positive decision and sincerely appreciate the fact she was willing to participate in this Road Safety initiative. Stay Alert, Slow Down, Think Safe.

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