Remember That Special Dress?

By July 26, 2014Cee Archer

By Cee Archer. Do you remember that special dress in your closet or attic? That dress you wore that made you feel like a princess?

I had such a dress, my wedding gown. It was a gorgeous dress, all silk and lace.

After our special day, over 25 years ago now, it was cleaned and put away, only to be taken out at times just to touch it once more.

As luck would have it, we had a boy. So the dress remained hidden away, maybe never to be used again.

For a slight moment I wondered if maybe my nieces would want to wear my dress. But they each had their own gorgeous dress and looked amazing on their special day.

So who to save it for?

What possible use could this dress have other than being taken out once in a while and then carefully put back in the box and back in the corner of the closet.

Then, a few months ago, I found a website for a cause that I thought was pretty special.

Angel Dresses. There is a BC Chapter, present on Facebook. Look up BC Angel Dresses. Or click on the Canada wide info at the bottom of the post.

The idea of Angel Dresses started in Saskatchewan and has quickly spread to other provinces.

They not only accept wedding dresses but prom dresses as well.

Groups of volunteers take these dresses apart and volunteer seamstresses turn them into precious outfits for grieving families who have lost a baby.

The dresses are left at hospitals and funeral homes for these families and are available at no cost.

Grieving parents are able to select an outfit for their little one and know that it was created from love with love.

My dress is on it’s way to become part of a very important cause. It will be taken apart and sewn into little outfits.

May the love that has been part of this dress, now comfort those who need it the most.

Any hospitals or funeral homes wanting to offer these outfits, or those wanting more info or to donate a dress please contact the emails below:

For the Mainland of BC email please click here.
On the Island email please click here.

For Canada wide info please click here.

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