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From Rick Hansen Secondary. At Rick Hansen Secondary we are proud to offer a wide range of sports programs to our students. It is our hope that each year with the commitment of our students and the volunteer hours of our coaches we can provide competitive and fun programs at various grade levels.  Our sports programs start in mid-September and finish in the month of May.  Please have a look at each particular sport for more details and how you can get involved as a coach or player.

Photo: Rick Hansen Girl’s Basketball Squad (2013/14)


We offer girls volleyball at both the junior and senior level.   Currently our program is run by Rebeca Monzo at the senior level and this past year was coached by Mr. Wauthy and Mr. J Gill at the junior level.  Practices are generally twice a week with one play day per week.  The teams often have one to two tournaments in their season.  If you are interested in playing or coaching please contact Jasvir_gill@sd34.bc.ca


Our football program is offered at both the junior and senior level for boys.   Football is often one of our largest programs as it requires a large number of bodies to put together a successful team.  At Rick Hansen Secondary we are always encouraging our students to try and get involved in multiple sports to continue their development as athletes and be involved in something positive outside of school.  The football team practices four times a week and has generally one game per week. They work very hard under their coaching staff with a lot of off season training. If you are interested in getting involved or helping to coach please contactrob_hallam@sd34.bc.ca


Our basketball program is one of the few which is offered to both boys and girls in our school. We are able to offer teams at the grade 9 level, junior level, and senior level.  We often have over 70 players involved in the teams. Our coaching staff consists of both teaching staff and community coaches. Each team practices twice a week and has two games a week. The teams also participate in at least 3 tournaments per season. Rick Hansen Secondary hosts a series of Round Ball Classic tournaments in which we feature our local teams against teams from within in the province. If you are interested in playing in the future seasons or wanting to help coach please contact Jasvir_gill@sd34.bc.ca


We have had a very successful wrestling program at Rick Hansen. Throughout the last 20 years the Hurricanes have had multiple wrestlers place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at the Fraser Valley’s, Provincials, and some have even competed at the National level.  Our current coaching staff is our former alumni wrestler Jatinder Dhaliwal.  He has done an excellent job in recruiting a team of over 10 wrestlers this year.  We are looking forward to having our wrestlers place in high rankings at their various tournaments.  We at Rick Hansen Secondary always appreciate the extra help from our community coaches, if you are interested in helping out at any level please contact Jasvir_gill@sd34.bc.ca


Rugby is offered at both the junior and senior level for both boys and girls.  Our coaching staff has consisted of Mr. Sidhu for the boys along with alumni and various teachers. For the girls our program has been backed by our alumni Shaylene Patterson.  The teams practice up to four times a week with one game per week.  Our teams are very competitive and often reach the Fraser Valleys. In the past few years our boys team has reached the provincials and competed very well.  If you are interested in joining or coaching please contactbo_sidhu@sd34.bc.ca

Track and Field

Our track and field program is run by Mr. G Neufeld.  Each year the program offers a variety of track and field competitions.  Depending on the amount of coaches and players each year different programs may be offered.  The team often will practice four to five times per week and compete at various track meets.  Our school history has shown that Rick Hansen has produced some fine athletes in track and field who have set records in the Fraser Valley. Mr. Neufeld is always happy to accept extra help, if you are interested please email him at graham_neufeld@sd34.bc.ca


Our soccer program has recently started again at Rick Hansen. Our coach, Mrs. Macfarlane, has done an excellent job bringing the junior and senior girls together to form one team. Last year our school had the best goalie in the league which allowed them to compete at a high level.  The team participated in one tournament at GW Graham.  This year our team looks to be even better with some new players. The team practices four times per week and competes in at least five season games.  Mrs. Macfarlane has had help from community coaches and would love to have extra help. Please contact her at nicky_macfarlane@sd34.bc.ca

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