Robyn & Ryleigh Release Video Of New Single

By May 7, 2013PROOFING

Sisters Robyn Gillespie and Ryleigh Gillespie are a talented emerging country/pop duo hailing from Langley, British Columbia. Their sound is a reflection of their favorite musical influences the energy of modern rock blended with traditional country elements of acoustic instruments, meaningful lyrics, and sibling harmonies.

“R and R”, as their friends and family lovingly tag them, are true Canadian country girls in daily life, growing up in a serene setting on the family property in BC’s Fraser Valley.

When not on a stage or in front of a camera, Robyn can be found working on her own car, while Ryleigh is an avid quadder, and once beat some farm boys in a tractor race at a fair after one of their gigs.

The girls began singing and performing together organically. Robyn began writing the first of her many songs at age 12, and discovered singing in front of receptive family members and friends was fun and well received.

Robyn and Ryleigh vertSoon after, Ryleigh began harmonizing to her sister’s songs from an adjoining room, creating what is now their signature sound. Duly impressed, their mom and dad encouraged them to sing together, and that’s when the sibling magic took over.

Several years ago, the girls caught the attention of Producer/Managers David Wills (The Higgins, AJ Woodworth) and Paul Shatto (The Higgins, Chad Brownlee) who took them into the studio to record some demos.

The core of those songs ended up as the girls’ initial release, the indie EP ‘Love, Always.’ Since then, Robyn and Ryleigh have been honing their performance skills by playing at numerous events of all sizes throughout the northwest, as they prepare to take the next career step.

Robyn has blossomed into a prolific songwriter and guitar player, also dabbling with every instrument she can get her hands on. Ryleigh is now also co-writing some of the girls’ songs, in addition to being a working actor.

The girls’ first, full-length album is set for Spring 2013 release on Raincoast/MDM Recordings.

Robyn and Ryleigh are authentic country girls – singing about fast cars, boys, and hot summer nights. Part mud, part makeup, part glamorous, part funny. The perfect recipe for a couple of girls you’d like to get to know better.

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