Sally Ann Changes Course – Begins Feeding The Homeless

After reports early this morning on Abbotsford Today that the Abbotsford Salvation Army might be refusing to feed or provide water to the homeless people encamped across the street from their building, Today has learned that the organization is providing breakfast to the group.

Last night, at around 7:00 pm, a representative of 5 and 2 Ministries, a group which works with the homeless in Abbotsford, was seen providing food and water to the group.

Members of the group said they are in no doubt they are not welcome across the street and have been given a clear indication they are expected to move from their present location.

No one has informed them where they are supposed to move to and, with the City of Abbotsford’s habit of following them around town, taking their belongings and, in the latest instance, spreading chicken manure on the property they use to sleep, the group is left with no idea what they are supposed to do or where they are supposed to go.

At present they appear caught in a public relations war between the Salvation Army and the City of Abbotsford on one side and advocates for a different way of dealing with the homelessness issue in the City on the other.

Abbotsford Today is in touch with Salvation Army headquarters in Burnaby and will update this story as it progresses.

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  • Lawrence Weissmann says:

    Although it was a long time ago still worth mentioning. In Ottawa sometime in the 90’s there were complaints that the Sally Ann was not providing beds for Hindus or Muslims because they wouldn’t attend the Christian services.

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