Santa’s Hometown In Rovaniemi

By December 12, 2014Christmas

Rovaniemi, located near the Arctic Circle, is Santa Claus’ hometown according to the folks at Says the website: “Wrap up warm in this winter wonderland for the freezing weather with air still and blue make cheeks redden and noses run.”

Santa Claus, is not afraid of chilly weather – under his thick, red coat he is snug and very warm, as he commutes from Korvatunturi in Eastern Finnish Lapland to Rovaniemi every day.

In Santa Claus Office within the Arctic Circle it is far from freezing. The cheerful “pre-Christmas” hustle and bustle keeps Santa’s helpers dashing about seemingly never catching up. The Office is full of excitement with a symphony of different languages, spoken by the thousands of international guests in Rovaniemi to meet with Santa Claus. This atmosphere of Christmas is present in Lapland and Rovaniemi all the year around.

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