School District Strategic Plan Consultation Results

From June to October last year the school district invited parents/guardians, staff, students and community leaders to an online consultation process using ThoughtStream, where they provided responses to four questions about how we as a school district are doing in supporting student learning.

Participants were then invited to prioritize the overall responses to the questions. Over 2,600 people participated in the process reported Superintendent Kevin Godden, who explained to the Board how the top ideas from each school were brought together to give a sense of common priorities, concerns and values. A website reporting this information from both a district perspective and individual school perspectives has been developed and will be made public in mid-April.

Superintendent Kevin Godden

Superintendent Kevin Godden

“As the Board, as well as schools and departments, works through strategic priorities for the coming year, this feedback will be helpful in refining and setting new strategic directions,” said Superintendent Godden.
“Principals have been asked to consider their school level feedback in setting their planning priorities, be it related to student achievement or communication.”

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