Seasons Greetings

By James Breckenridge. Santa dropped by in the wee hours of the morning because the space/time unit on his sleigh was malfunctioning and …

What … did you really think Santa could cover all that distance and make all those deliveries in just 24 hours? In times long past yes, but these days Santa starts his deliveries 4 weeks before Christmas and should it be necessary can continue for 4 weeks after Christmas. While Santa can still manage Christmas deliveries outside of the 4 week window to either side of Christmas the energy costs are prohibitive and increase exponentially the further from the window you move.

… so Santa swung by to see Moog who is guesting with me and who is an expert in interstellar drives. Fortunately for those on Santa’s nice list, Moog was able to repair the space/time drive as it is a primitive form of interstellar drive. As you can see from the photo Moog’s ocular system is a great advantage in dealing with finicky drives.


Moog is a great story teller which makes his visits entertaining. It is not his eyes that I find disconcerting – its that little yellow stub of a tail that sticks out of his suit. And what its actual purpose is, well … SHUDDER … we really don’t want to go there.


As I say Moog was able to get Santa’s drive up and running better than ever so Santa was quite happy when he departed. If I am lucky Santa’s mood was Jolly enough that my attempt to subtly point out of the 4 bed sheets I had fused together to make a stocking big enough for the car I need, or the new engine the car needs, did not push me onto the naughty list.

As I say, Santa was quickly on his way. However he did leave an interesting problem behind. As noted Santa’s space/time drive was malfunctioning as he came in to land at my place. Moog’s zzxytee was playing and well…..


… the malfunctioning drive created a few time warps and warped some spots of space around the place. Hey You [rough translation of the zzxytee’s name] was running around rather excited and accidentally got stuck in one of the space warps. Which has left his posterior region stuck in a wall at my place.

Unfortunately I have no idea where in this space/time continuum the anterior portion of Hey You is located, or even if it is located in this space/time continuum or some other. And until Moog and I get a chance to locate the rest of Hey You [probably after I finish working at the shelter tonight] Moog and I will not be able to create a Warp that will reunite the two portions of Hey You and let us pull him back to my place.

It has been an interesting Christmas so far, but I wanted to take the opportunity to wish all a:


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