From Gerda Peachey. Thank you Mike, for hammering away on this business of ‘closed meetings’.
All government business should be considered the business of those who pay for the elected politicians, the bureaucrats, the civil servants, the consultants, the ‘partners’ in P3s.

Whatever comes out of the pockets of the tax-payers who bear the burden of government should be set on the default of OPEN,…..full transparency.

Only under extremely narrow, limited situations should the people who foot the bill be kept in the dark as to where their money is being spent.

Excessive, lavish indulgent perks, and expenses are merely a cover for theft of public money. But the bleeding becomes a raging river when government conspires to keep everything they do shrouded from public view.

I may disagree with you on some issues, but Mike, I am sure glad you are still around. Way too many people seem to have bought the reverse, that government is their Lord, and they are to be meek, subservient slaves to their masters. Democracy, despite any of its weaknesses is a beacon in this world. We need to protect our wonderful system of governance.

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