Seniors Safety When It’s Hot

Submitted. The sun is back, and that means sunscreen, hats, lots of water and of course, fun!  Fraser Health has some tips for seniors to help stay safe while being outside:


  1. Balance is key.  Building strength and balance with a simple exercise program can help retain your mobility, vitality, energy and sense of well-being.
  2. Get equipped.  Walkers and canes can help with balance on uneven sidewalks; and hip protectors can prevent broken bones if you trip or fall.  Proper footwear is also important.  As tempting as sandals are in the heat, they can easily get caught on something and increase the risk for a fall.
  3. Avoid the glare.  The sun can make it hard to see so be sure to wear sunglasses and proper eyewear.  Take a moment to let your eyes adjust when you go from dark to bright or vice versa as you could miss objects in your way and increase the risk for a trip or fall.
  4. Keep cool and hydrated.  If you are staying indoors, use a fan and wet a face cloth with cold water. Getting enough fluids each day gives you more energy and helps your body to stay cool.  If you can, head to a mall, a community centre or a public library and enjoy the air conditioning.
  5. Dress the part.  Light clothing and a hat can help keep you cool.

For some seniors, the warmer weather means staying indoors and can lead to missed doctor’s appointments, unfilled prescriptions and running out of groceries.   Be a good neighbour.  Check in on loved ones and make sure they have what they need.

Everybody should remember to keep cool and hydrated.

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