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By August 1, 2013Travel

By Cee Archer. I always get excited when I run into a new publication online, and this one looks to be a very interesting one!

Hubby and I share a passion for taking back roads instead of main highways. We’ve seen pretty much all the back roads of the Lower Mainland and most of Ontario’s back roads as well.

When I ran into this website while browsing, I made sure to bookmark it right away. This website promises to show treasures our beautiful country has to offer that are thus far only known to those who reside there. Just when I think I’ve seen what there is to see, the prospect of discovering new areas is very exciting!

The website is called Beautiful Backcountry Canada, Traveler’s Off The Beaten Path Online Magazine. It is a bi-monthly publication.

Barb and Doug Campbell, image courtesy of  Beautiful Backcountry Canada

Barb and Doug Campbell, image courtesy of called Beautiful Backcountry Canada

The website is run by Barb and Doug Campbell, travelers who share their experiences in their online magazine.

In the “about” section you can read about Barb and Doug as they share that destinations are covered through their eyes, and that their magazine is created “on the go”. They travel to remote and little known places across Canada. That alone is enough to promote them in my opinion as our country is amazing and people like the Campbells are bound to show us new reasons to fall in love with our country all over again!

So grab a coffee, and enjoy getting to know this online publication.
I know I will!

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