By Amanda DenBraber (Polak). Have you ever been at the drugstore looking for makeup within the package, wondering if this color is the right one for you? I know I’ve been there, looking around for someone to help you.

Before I went to Blanche MacDonald, I would always buy the more ‘affordable’ makeup to save money. With much trial and error, it turned out that I ended up with a broad collection of makeup’s that weren’t my color, wrong texture and that I purchased with an impulse. And there was never anyone there to talk about it to.

Especially with foundations, never knowing if it’s the right coloring or not, buying it because you need it. After using it a few times getting an irritation or breakouts from the cheap ingredients in it. My ladies in this situation, you should try out a beauty counter that is trained in finding the most suitable shades, texture and type of makeup for you. We are here to make your shopping atmosphere exciting and fun.

Choosing a brand like, Clinique, Lancôme or Estee Lauder you get a great quality of makeup and that insurance of knowing that you came to the right place. I feel that you’re never too young or too old to get a complimentary makeover when offered to you. That’s our job in the first place!

Now working in the cosmetic industry at a counter, I take the time with each client that has a certain idea or question. Of course buying something a little more expensive can make you feel a little selfish. But with a few good products that can multitask will save you in the long instead of dealing with the cheap trial and errors of buying cheap cosmetics.

Always state what you’re looking for. If application isn’t offered to you, do ask for this so you know if this will be the right fit and look your going for. Never feel pressured to buy from whoever your talking to, they’re not the one purchasing the item so take your time to make a decision. Get your beauty advisor who was helping you to give you her business card if you think you hit it off, get her to right down what she recommends to you or ask for her to put some on hold. This way they get the sale and extra on their paycheck with commission. Have fun with it, when walking buy ask questions to see what’s new on the counter because you never know if that’s what your looking for

Makeup artist fraser valleyAbout Amanda
Amanda has early morning energy, confident in application and loves being a wedding freelance makeup artist. She has products and techniques to Airbrush, cover acne, birthmarks and even tattoos. Your wedding day look is stress free by booking a makeup artist for your wedding day. Always keeping up with the latest makeup trends for bridal and fashion, you as a client will be guaranteed satisfaction. Her makeup kit is fully stocked with the latest trendy products in prestige cosmetics, natural and mineral makeup. Loves sharing freebies with clients during consultations. Amanda is a certified makeup artist and has worked on film sets, commercials, music videos and photo shoots. You may recognize her from A-Plus Makeup, which was her first company name before getting into the wedding industry. With the brides colors and wedding theme, then create a few favorite looks by focusing the attention on her best facial feature. Available to stay throughout the brides wedding photos to ensure that her photos will be perfect!
Amanda can be contacted by clicking here.
Amanda’s picture is by Blue Coral Photography

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