Should Abbotsford Allow Single Family Lots To Be Divided In Four?

With the steady and consistent slowdown in real estate sales and the stop in price/value increases the market seems to be going through, the ability of people to sell real estate of any kind is currently diminished. Some fear the number of people who will be forced to sell their large, single-family homes if interest rates rise will cause an even bigger problem with a glut of single family homes on the market.

Councillor Dave Loewen this week Tweeted about an issue that deals with densification of single-family lots. The Tweet links to an article in the Globe & Mail which seems to confirm the arguments being made in a series* Today Media has been running by Adrian Spitters and Win Wachsmann on the future of the family home.

The article discusses the merits of a suggestion being considered in Delta, BC which would allow landowners to densify single-family lots, allow secondary suites and /or subdivide the lot creating multiple smaller houses, providing homes perhaps as many as four separate families on what was previously a single family lot.

Is Loewen suggesting such a plan should considered in Abbotsford? What Do You Think? Is it a good idea?

Loewen has Tweeted about public policy and political issues in Abbotsford before. For example, he promoted a developer’s property while participating in a tour of the new facility – What Do You Think: Should Dave Loewen Be Tweeting About Developers’ Empty Office Space? in April. This is the same facility that is just up the street from The Salvation Army and the now world famous piece of land on which Abbotsford’s homeless were attacked with chicken manure.

Dave Loewen Tweet
Councillor Loewen Tweets at: @DaveFLoewen


The Future of the Family Home

** Rebuttal from Greg Cross – The Other Side Of The Real Estate Story

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