So The Aquilinis Wouldn’t Buy Out George Peary’s Deal Eh?

By April 23, 2013Abnor

By Abnor. The only thing I can imagine going wrong with the negotiations (which everybody said weren’t happening) is that the Heat owners wanted to get paid the full value of George Peary’s Deal and the Aquilini’s weren’t dumb enough to pay it.

By the way …
If everybody from the Flames, to the Heat, to the local owners, to the Canucks, to the Mayor told the newspapers to say there were no negotiations going on … how come the Mayor just announced in the newspaper that the negotiations failed??

Just Sayin’ …

George Peary’s Deal just keeps on giving doesn’t it.

While I never did understand how the Mayor or the Heat owners could blame those who objected to the dumb deal senior staff had George Peary sign for the low attendance at Heat games, the fact they won’t leave may actually accomplish that.

No matter how many hockey fans I talk to I have never met one who would let municipal politics stand between them and seeing their team play on home ice.

But by forcing us to accept their losses for the full term of the contract the Heat owners may have actually pissed enough people off that it will actually affect attendence next year.

As one Twitter follower put it: “That crashing sound you heard was the Abbotsford Heat ticket sales dropping even further next season.”

No one seems able or willing to accept the fact that there are only about 2,800 real hockey fans in Abbotsford.

If Bruce Beck or John Smith had used their banking and investment experience to put together a business plan before committing hundreds of millions of dollars of their friends’ and neighbours’ money to this venture, they would have found that out.

Turns out trying to make money with a 7,000 seat arena and only 2,800 fans doesn’t work. The same people who came up with that math are the ones who spent your money telling you that you needed a new $300,000,000 water supply when they knew we didn’t need one.

Just how dumb do these people think we are?


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  • If Bruce Banman says there are no discussions going on with the private owners of the Heat, the Vancouver Canuks, and the Calgary Flames, but there really are, and he is fully cognizant of those discussions, ……. is Bruce Banman a liar?

    • DeceitinDrugs says:

      A liar? No. But, no private dicussions going on, which you,the
      taxpayer should know about, are part of the
      “business group’ trying to grow the hockey business in Abbotsford
      at the expense of all taxpayers.

  • Jay says:

    Ask the Aquilinis to pay for a lawyer to investigate the validity of the City-Heat contract.

    $100 K and the contract is dead.

    And we can start with a clean slate with the Canucks.

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