Solutions To Abbotsford’s Homeless Crisis

Dear Editor. Apparently, there is no problem that the city is not looking after!

… but we aren’t allowed to feed them

… and Abbotsford has quite a few and insufficient Affordable Housing.

… but some help is coming (how do you fit 170 people into 24 units?)

.. of course, the city is sorry

Abbotsford should allocate somewhere for the homeless until they can be found shelter. I suggested to Zack that they could provide washroom facilities. If they are concerned about health and garbage, they could have two sites, and have the people move back and forth every month or so.

The analogy I draw for the City, is that, as a teacher, I tried to provide for everyone in the class, and not just teach the elite (as a few teachers do). The City should take on the responsibility for ALL residents in their area, whether or not they have homes, or pay taxes.

Of course, you know all this.

The image shows the location of a camp in San Jose. Presumable there are a lot more tents there than shown in the image, dated Sep 12, 2012. However, I find it hard to believe that ‘thousands’ now live here. Where are the other shantytowns?

Homeless camp San Jose

Tim Felger
Senior Corporate Strategist

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