Soon To Be Hated LNG

By May 9, 2013Letters

Dear Editor. Remember the last election with the almost balanced budget that wasn’t, and then came the hated HST. Here we go again, the fake balanced budget and the soon to be hated LNG.

Now you may ask yourself what is the hated LNG?

Has the government told you that what you pay for gas now will soon triple?

Look at your gas bill and triple what you pay for gas now, that’s what you soon will pay.

When Australia brought in LNG their domestic price tripled.

”January 30, 2013
Queensland is poised to become a major export hub for liquefied natural gas (LNG). Given the West Australian experience, where LNG is already exported to Asia, this will cause domestic gas prices to rise. According to the DomGas Alliance, a group of Western Australian energy users, ”gas prices have risen sharply from $2.50 per gigajoule in Western Australia to $8/GJ”.

The overseas price of LNG is currently well above the price of natural gas in eastern Australia. Gas producers will only sell locally if the domestic price rises to the export parity level – the overseas price that exporters receive less the cost of exporting. So prices in eastern Australia are rising towards export parity.”

This is going to give the gas and oil company’s almost a billion extra dollars every year from us.

Then there is the electricity to liquefy the gas, a site “C” dam that will now increase the cost of electricity as we have to pay the 8 billion to build it.

This is why manufacturers in the States are fighting LNG, their costs will go up. They say that they can’t compete in labor costs but they can compete in energy costs. How will we compete with the rest of Canada if our energy costs skyrocket?

Now they say LNG pollutes less than coal or oil, but as the cost for LNG rises, the electrical producers with go back to coal fired generators from gas, because it’s cheaper.

Look what happened when they said ethanol from corn burns cleaner and will get the US off foreign oil.

The price of food skyrocketed because the price of corn feed stock went up.

This is just a big money grab from the oil companies and we will pay in the end.

Gary Fowle

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