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By Elsiewhere. On February 3, 2014, local artist Linda Nikkel Klippenstein was invited to speak to the Abbotsford chapter of Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) about her art. The group of university-educated women, founded locally 60 years ago, meets on the first Monday of the month at UFV`s University House.

As part of her presentation, Linda engaged the women in a collaborative artwork, a piece she completed at home, and presented on March 3, 2014 to the group as a keepsake and reminder of what happens when women walk and work together to change the world.

One of the commitments the Abbotsford group has is “to the improvement of the status of women and girls.”

This is a committment Linda Nikkel Klippenstein also holds and practices at The Warm Zone, a drop-in centre for street-engaged women of Abbotsford, some of whom are homeless. In addition to cutting hair there, Linda “does art” with the women at the Warm Zone on Friday afternoons. Some attend regularly, others sporadically; some projects are collaborative, others are solo efforts. For the past several years, The Reach has incorporated Warm Zone art in an annual exhibit. Most recently it was the masks. That show was held-over because of the enormous attention it received.

But back to Abbotsford’s CFUW. And their connection with the Warm Zone. Yes, they too, have become involved with serving the women of the Warm Zone. They have named this service “THE SOUP SISTERS.” In Fall, Winter, and Spring, the Soup Sisters provide homemade soup every Friday at lunch at the Warm Zone.

And this is what happens when women walk and work together: Soup Sisters & Art! One for the body, and one for the soul! Women Unite!

Thanks, LINDA NIKKEL KLIPPENSTEIN for your passion and dedication to the Warm Zone; and huge kudos to the SOUP SISTERS. You make the Warm Zone warmer!

To find out more about Abbotsford’s CFUW click here.

By Linda Nikkel Klippenstein

By Linda Nikkel Klippenstein

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