Splitting The Vote May Reward Incumbents

In elections past we’ve watched as the vote against the power structure candidates who many believed were doing so much damage to the community was split among such a large number of challengers that all of them kept their seats at the council table in order to do even more damage.

Reduced support and number of votes aside, because there were so many candidates vying for a seat at the council table, the vote was split so many ways that

Abbotsford Today commenter Gerry Hiebert made the point in a comment on our announcement about our new section devoted to the upcoming municipal election.

“Given the polarizing issues Abbotsford has faced lately, it seems to me that a number of candidates are running because of 1 or 2 high profile issues.

“Most of these candidates may not be well known in the city and many have little or no “political” experience, and will draw the votes of their personal circles and those who are passionate about their pet issue(s).

“This can fragment votes by a majority who want change, allowing the same old incumbents to be re-elected by a minority of votes.

“I fear too many candidates may lead to fragmented polls and little or no change around the council table.” – Gerry Hiebert

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