Star Candidate? Plecas’ Campaign Office In Wrong Riding … D’Oh

Dear Editor. With the BC Liberal party choosing to foist their ‘star candidate’ Darryl Plecas on the Liberals in Abbotsford South I found myself wondering what makes a candidate a ‘star candidate’.

Looking at Mr. Plecas it seems all that is required to be a ‘star candidate’ for the BC Liberals in our 15 minutes of fame obsessed society is merely to have your face appear on television several times. Looking at Mr. Plecas also makes it clear that it is getting your face on the boob tube that matters, not the content of your words.

For television reporters in BC, when you need a ‘criminologist’ to stridently declare ‘drugs bad’ or ‘lock ‘em up’ or ‘violating people’s charter rights is fine if it makes things easier for police (to bad about the innocent people who become collateral damage)’ or ‘cost doesn’t matter’ Mr. Plecas is your go to guy.

If you are seeking thoughtful or insightful commentary, you go elsewhere.

Driving along South Fraser around West Oaks Mall the observant will notice that the election signs are different on either side of the street.

Picture1Electoral District Boundaries

Not surprising since a check of the provincial electoral district boundaries will show the boundary between Abbotsford West and Abbotsford South runs down the middle of South Fraser Way in that area.

Walking along the street past Mr. Plecas’s election office one comes upon some elections signs in front of Envision Credit Union.


Look back at Mr Plecas’s office and see:


Clearly Mr. Plecas’s campaign office is in the wrong riding.

It is understandable why the BC Liberal party would prefer candidates of limited cognitive ability and limited ethics.

But one would have thought they would at least insist on the cognitive ability to locate your office within the boundaries of the riding you are seeking to represent.

James W Breckenridge

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    I would say the location of Darryl Plecas office was
    purposely put there given it’s visibility and I am
    not at all surprised. it is in front of Envision Credit Union,
    since, Envision is a subsidiary of First West and some of it’s
    directors are supporters of Michael DeJong and Christy Clark
    for years.

    What they do not realize, there are people in this city,who do
    have their finger on the pulse…it’s called being alert!

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