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Steps for Life is a fun, 5-km fundraising walk to help support families impacted by workplace tragedy. Created in 2004, Steps for Life is the primary fundraiser for the Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support (known as Threads of Life).

The annual event raises funds needed to provide peer support programs and services for Canadian families who have suffered as a result of workplace tragedy and also raises awareness about the importance of workplace health and safety.

Ultimately, Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy aims to educate the community about the devastating ripple effects of a workplace tragedy and how we can work together to prevent others from being injured or killed on the job.

Just over 4,400 walkers participated across Canada in 2012, raising more than $430,000.

All proceeds from Steps for Life support Threads of Life, a national charitable organization dedicated to supporting families along their journey of healing after they’ve been affected by a traumatic workplace fatality, life-altering workplace injury or occupational disease.

Threads of Life provides families with one-on-one peer support, links to community resources and opportunities to promote workplace injury prevention at the grassroots level. Threads of Life currently supports more than 1,200 family members from across the country.

TOLI_tag - web “Today we remember those we’ve lost, and those we still hold
dear in our hearts. Though it may seem like an impossible
task, together as one we can put an end to needless suffering.
Let’s make workplace safety the number one priority not just
for today but for all days to come. So I challenge everyone
today, with every step you take to remember the loved ones
that we walk for.”
— Josh Rene, son, lost his father to a workplace tragedy

Threads of Life is a national charity that is dedicated to helping Canadian families along their journey of healing who have been affected by a workplace tragedy, life-altering injury or occupational disease. It currently provides a network of hope and healing to more than 1,200 family members through one-on-one peer support, links to other community support services and the opportunity to take action to help prevent similar tragedies to other families.

Threads of Life was created in 2003 to fill a major gap in Canada’s health and safety and social systems. There is no well-known “number” to call or place to go to find the kind of emotional support and caring often required to make it through the aftermath of a workplace fatality or severe injury/illness in Canada.

The long-term emotional, societal and financial consequences of this gap are enormous and evident. These consequences include psychiatric problems, stress-related physical health problems, substance abuse treatment, family stress, marital breakdown, suicide, loss of productivity, loss of personal income, increased social welfare costs, and more. This is a substantial and costly burden for every citizen and taxpayer, but one that can be significantly reduced.

Threads of Life is a place where people can turn to help find the “cure” for workplace tragedy, which can only be accomplished through prevention.

Steps for Life
Sunday May 5, 2013
Burnaby Lake Park
3760 Sperling Avenue
Burnaby BC

visit:;; or
call: 1-888-567-9490; fax: 519-685-1104;

Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support(known as Threads of Life )
P.O. Box 9066, 1795 Ernest Ave,
London, Ontario N6E 2VO

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