Sturgeon Fishers Angry At Gravel Mining On Fraser

By March 26, 2015Issues

The Vancouver Observer is reporting that BC’s sturgeon fishers are upset over the gravel excavations on the Fraser River near Seabird Island.

Sturgeon anglers despair over mining of Fraser River
By Jenni Uechi. Power shovels have begun excavating 105,000 cubic metres of gravel in the area known as the “Heart of the Fraser” from a site called Seabird Bar B, located on reserve lands near Agassiz, B.C.

Seabird Island Band and Jakes Construction’s received the green light to mine in the area, despite fierce opposition from fish biologists.

BC Sportfishing Group owner Tony Nootebos said he was deeply disturbed by the federal and provincial governments’ recent approval of the controversial mining project in one of only two known spawning areas for the Lower Fraser River white sturgeon.
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