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Doing The Right Thing – The First (and only) Time – No Matter How Hard
Some of the most stressful, difficult, and costly, issues with which property owners are sometimes faced involve sudden or unexpected damage to their home or business.

Water damage and restoration claims alone represent an enormous cost and the insurance industry says those costs are climbing.

A report from the Canadian Institute of Actuaries reveals that: approximately 40 per cent of all home insurance claims are the result of water damage and the average cost of those claims rose 117%, from $7,192 in 2002 to over $15,500 in 2012.

From water losses caused by broken pipes or sewer backups to rain penetration, leakage and flooding – any one of these can be a nightmare for property owners.

Honesty, Speed, Professionalism, Integrity
Whether brought on over a period of time or through sudden and unexpected events, these are the kind of problems which require honesty, speed, professionalism and integrity. The Superior Flood and Fire Restoration Inc. Vancouver team is devoted to making the situation as simple and easy as possible.

“We know problems happen. We listen; we are accessible, creative and responsive with our solutions; and we act with urgency to make the right decisions,” says Joe Tolzmann, President.

The company began in 2006 as JDP Construction Ltd. and it quickly developed a reputation for integrity and excellence becoming a licensed builder and building envelope renovator licensed by the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO).

“For over eight years we have earned our place setting the industry standard through integrity, service excellence and an unrivaled focus on customers. We are committed to that tradition of integrity and to a passion for excellence,” says Tolzmann.

It quickly became apparent that there are many issues caused by sudden water loss in the Lower Mainland and a real need for qualified trades and services. A shortage of support staff within the industry, overloaded workloads for existing staff put a tremendous amount of pressure on quality of service.

Insurance, Property Management and Risk Management firms are always on the lookout for restoration companies which can demonstrate integrity and transparency with all stakeholders. Stakeholders include: insurers, brokers, tenant, property managers, adjusters, and ultimately – the property owner.

“Our background in bringing solutions to the building envelope issues within the local landscape provided the foundation to doing the ‘right’ thing the first time and prevent from having to do the same work twice resulting in unnecessary costs,” he says, adding,

“We know problems happen. We listen; we are accessible, creative and responsive with our solutions; and we act with urgency to make the right decisions.”

The Superior Flood and Fire Restoration Inc. team is specially trained to work with individuals and companies whose livelihood and life savings are in jeopardy by providing the ground work in dealing with sensitive situations and communicating with compassion.

“We do what we say and follow through with the promise of delivering the services in the time we had promised,” says Tolzmann

So often it is attention to details which are easily overlooked which can make the difference between a successful outcome and heartache, unexpected costs and life-altering decisions.

Restoration Project Managers at Superior Restoration act as the primary point of contact for insurance companies, providing them with the necessary documentation to make informed decisions about the claims they are processing. Their primary task is to expedite the process quickly and help the homeowners return to their home.

lighteningProcessing Claims Quickly, Efficiently
Any questions regarding insurance are referred to the insurance broker and or companies directly. Superior Restoration’s reports are specifically designed to assist adjusters in processing claims quickly and efficiently.

“We understand how traumatic floods, fire, water damage and other home disasters can be. We will do everything to make the situation as simple and stress free as possible for everyone involved,” says Tolzmann.

“Our people are trained, experienced and drug free. Their biggest commitment is to providing the best service … period,” he adds.

Through the use of proven technology, the latest equipment and reporting systems Superior Restoration’s goal is to reduce the cost of claims to insurers and provide Superior service to policyholders so they can get their lives back on track.

By focusing on empowering their clients and supporting them Superior Restoration has earned its reputation for doing the right thing, the first time, no matter how hard it is.

Superior Restoration Process

What We Do:

• Emergency Response in the Vancouver & Lower Mainland Area
• 24 hour immediate emergency response 365 days a year
• Vancouver Water Damage Restoration
• Locate & Stop Water Ingress
• Detailed Inspection & Damage Assessment
• Thermal Imaging and Digital Records
• Water Extraction and Structural Drying
• Detailed Damage Reporting for Insurance Purposes
• Board up and Tarp Over Service
• Content Inventory, Pack Out, Cleaning & Storage
• Commercial and Residential
• Full Service Restoration in the Vancouver & Lower Mainland Area
• Xactimate Estimating & Project Management Software
• Demolition & Disposal
• Complete Reconstruction Services

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