Support Of English Language Learners Increasing

The number of current students in the school district who have received some English Language Learner (ELL) support at some point in their schooling is now over 6,000 the Board heard during a presentation by Kanta Naik, District Principal of ELL.

Overall goals of the district are to move all ELL students to greater proficiency in English until they reach parity with native speakers, and improve the academic English of ELL students so that they can perform at a high level at school and beyond.

Looking at results, the district provincial exam pass rate in English 10 achieved by funded ELL students is 95% of the students, with an average mark of 65%.

Results show a steady rate of improvement of ELL students through elementary and middle grades over the past six years. A list of actions being undertaken via the ELL department includes: language and literacy courses for lower proficiency levels and training ELL and classroom teachers in co-teaching approaches.

Meanwhile, the Settlement Workers in Schools program (‘SWIS”) had almost 1,000 adult clients in the past year. SWIS is an outreach program that helps immigrant and refugee students and their families adjust to the new culture in Canada and Abbotsford.

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