Survey Says … Banman Loses

By August 4, 2014Overheard, Satire

Apparently the results are in from the mystery survey which was conducted by telephone last month asking who people are planning to support in the mayoralty race this November and the results came out very much against Bruce Banman,

According to one report the survey included the following questions:

  • Who the respondent voted for in the last election
  • What issues are of most pressing concern for the upcoming municipal election
  • How firm the respondent is on their choice for mayor

The City of Abbotsford stated that the survey was not done by the City and that no taxpayer dollars are being spent on the survey.

While Banman has never admitted to paying for the survey, he is reported not only to be very angry but sources say he is desperate as well.

Apparently councillor Henry Braun, the other candidate to have declared his intention to run for the mayor’s job, came out well ahead of Banman in the survey.

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