T-Ball Parents Needed To Step Up To The Plate

By March 17, 2014Sports News

From Abbotsford Angels. T-Ball Parents … We need your help!

You have never coached before? Don’t know much about baseball?

No problem!

We don’t need great baseball minds or experienced coaches. (We would love those too, but we don’t need them!) We just need Dads and Moms who are willing to be there for the kids, to help them have fun and learn to play baseball.

We will help you get started and will be there to support you all season long. We can help you learn what you need to know– even if it just one step ahead of the kids, that will be enough! We can help you learn the basics of coaching, how to run a practice, how to teach the basic skills, and more.

All we need is your willingness to try it.

We are adopting the Rally Cap Program for our T-Ball Division, and with that we have an increased need for parent volunteers. The goal is to keep the teams small so that the players get to bat and field the ball more often. To keep our teams small, we need lots of coaches.

We need you.

Contact our coaching coordinator, Todd Boulanger, or our T-Ball Commissioner, Aki Morimoto, for more information. And please plan on being at the parent meetings coming up soon.

Todd Boulanger
AAHA Coaching Development

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