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By September 24, 2013Books, Federal Politics

Submitted. Best-selling author Mark Milke’s latest book, Tax Me I’m Canadian! A Taxpayer’s Guide to Your Money and How Politicians Spend It hits bookstores today. This new edition – with 80 per cent new material, is sure to ruffle a few feathers.

Tax Me I’m Canadian! leaves no sacred cows untouched. Occupy Wall Street, corporate welfare recipients, government employee unions, public sector pensions and even Idle No More all get the treatment of a full-chapter in this new edition. It shows how Canada has moved far beyond even the welfare state to what the author labels as the “entitlement state.”

“The world has changed so much since I wrote the first edition of Tax Me in 2002,” said author Mark Milke. “Governments have gone from paying down debt to accumulating it, from lowering taxes to raising them. Meanwhile, Canadians have lived through misguided protests such as Occupy and Idle No More, movements that either fundamentally misunderstand wealth creation— or outright attack it. It was high time to have a deeper look at these issues.”

Milke has revised the popular sections from his original best-seller where he explains early Canadian attitudes towards citizenship, government and taxes, from George Brown to Wilfrid Laurier. He also delves through the history books to explain how Americans actually created many of Canada’s taxes: “Early on, when Canadian politicians imposed additional and higher taxes, they invariably did so only after the Americans acted first. Think of almost any modern Canadian tax: federal income, gasoline, property and corporate; almost all have American origins.”

In support of his new book that hits stores today, Mark will embark on a ten-city coast-to-coast tour with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF). The tour starts Monday September 30th in Calgary and wraps up in Halifax on October 11th. Tickets to the events can be purchased online here:

“We’re pleased to be able to share both Mark and his book with our supporters and others around the country,” said CTF President Troy Lanigan. “This is a unique opportunity to come out, get a copy of Mark’s excellent book and get a chance to meet and have your book signed by the author.”

Copies of Tax Me I’m Canadian! A Taxpayer’s Guide to Your Money and How Politicians Spend It can be purchased online at: or can be found on the shelves of your local book store.

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