Ted Adlem Alleges Blackmail, Sex Scandal

By November 11, 2014Mission News, Valley News

Global News is reporting that Mission Mayor Ted Adlem alledgedly received emails threatening to reveal details of his sex life unless he resigns.

Global reported the information yesterday at 5:10 pm.

[excerpt] A municipal defamation case involving alleged blackmailing of the mayor of Mission with scandalous sex claims has been revealed in court documents filed by the city’s current mayor and mayoral candidate Ted Adlem.

The defendant, who is alleged to have committed defamation and to have threatened further defamation, is named only as “John Doe”.

Last week, Adlem went to BC Supreme Court and asked for an order to get TELUS to release the IP address of the person sending the emails. He was granted that request last week.

In October, the mayor allegedly started to receive emails that threaten to reveal private information about his sex life if he doesn’t resign and back a competitor.

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