The Abbotsford News is reporting that former economic development manager Jay Teichroeb is suing the City of Abbotsford for wrongful dismissal.

According to The News, Teichroeb’s statement of claim says he was fired for breach of fidelity when, it was claimed, he allowed a developer to begin construction without a permit. 

The story says Teichroeb denied the claim and was accused by the City of being dishonest about it.

Teichroeb’s suit argues that, even if he had given the authorization (which he denies), it was not the real reason he was fired. 

According to The News, in his suit Teichroeb says his dismissal, “was part of an improper course of conduct designed to dismiss the senior employees of the (City of Abbotsford).” The claim states that the city misrepresented its reasons for his dismissal, and was “fabricated by the (City of Abbotsford) for an ulterior purpose.”

Teichroeb was let go at the same time as as number of other municipal staff in June of 2013. That action included other senior managers all of whom received some form of settlement and/or pay in lieu of notice. 

Teichroeb was fired with cause and received no settlement or pay in lieu of notice.


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