From the D’Oh File: Can Anybody Tell Us If The Warm Zone Still Gets Its Funding?

It was a confusing week for Abbotsford MLA and newly re-minted finance minister in the Christy Clark cabinet Mike de Jong as he seemed to have trouble keeping his speaking notes in order.

On Tuesday, June 18, he was on the cover of the Abbotsford Times website [Abbotsford’s de Jong speaks to ministry staff wage hikes] explaining the controversial ministry staff wages his government had announced to his Abbotsford constituents. He never once addressed reports on Abbotsford Today, on June 14 [Our Collective Silence], that, along with the 18 percent wage increases he had approved as finance minister for senior bureaucrats, he was also cancelling funding for the Warm Zone women’s shelter in Abbotsford.

Then, on Wednesday, June 19, his boss, Premier Christy Clark, shifted course [Abbotsford’s de Jong speaks to ministry staff wage hikes] and, despite de Jong’s long and thoughtful defence of the expenditure on senior brass’ wages in The Times, cancelled the whole idea as reported in the Abbotsford News Wednesday.

Thursday morning (see screenshot below) the Abbotsford Times still had de Jong on their homepage defending the decision.

Which is it guys? Get your stories straight. And would someone mind answering the question about the funding for the Warm Zone.


Abbotsford Times screenshot 10:06 Thursday, June 20
Mike de Jong Times

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