On Monday, the City of Abbotsford will inaugurate a new City Council. Four of those new Councillors will be AbbotsfordFIRST candidates.

I want to take this opportunity to thank every single voter who marked their ballot for them.

When AbbotsfordFIRST began its planning more than a year ago, I personally made the decision to work for the team. I have always worked for, and wanted to see real change in our city.

Thanks to you, we now have it.

My appreciation goes deeper than simply thanking you for your votes. You also had to be sophisticated enough to recognize that, no matter what you thought of me personally, the desperate need for change was great enough to win your vote for my fellow teammates.

When I decided to help create, and run with a team, I gave up the idea of campaigning for me. We all did. Every AbbotsfordFIRST candidate risked not getting elected individually in order to get an entire team elected so that real change could take place.

To that end, having four candidates win seats on Council is a huge success for AbbotsfordFIRST. Change … positive change … now has the opportunity to take hold in our city and you’ve helped make that happen.

Thank You Abbotsford!