Thank You John Smith

Councillor John Smith has announced his retirement from political life and we would like to thank him for his service to the community.

Over the years, Abbotsford Today has taken a very critical view of many of the positions held by John Smith. This doesn’t detract from our appreciation for his desire to serve our community.

As a member of the School Board and then on City Council, John Smith chose to serve the citizens of Abbotsford and he did so for many years. Being in public life means a great sacrifice both for oneself and for one’s family. Even when people like Abbotsford Today disagree with what you do as a politician, the work is hard and thankless, and we understand that all who chose to serve the public do so with the intention of doing their very best for their fellow citizens.

In the give and take of political combat, those with the courage to stand up and face the, not always kind, criticism of their friends and neighbours deserve our thanks.

So, as John Smith begins the next phase of his life, we at Abbotsford Today wish him the very best.

Mike Archer & Vince Dimanno
The Today Media Group

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