The Art Of Cycling: Bike Fit

By April 20, 2015The Art Of Cycling

A good bike fit and riding position increase strength. Frame size is a primary consideration. Get on the bike with both feet on the ground, you should be able to straddle the top tube of the frame on a touring bike with 1-2” to spare.

Ensure that your handlebars have many hand positions such as drop bars and horns. Standard mtb bars may not be comfortable enough. Upgrading to a triple crank arm with more stiffness will ensure the crank doesn’t waste energy by flexing on each pedal stroke. Ensure the crank arm length is selected to match your height.

If you can master your bicycle and ride properly with style and efficiency, (become one with the machine) the rewards will be many with untold fortunes of health.

A basic touring saddle is a somewhat wide with foam to protect your most intimate contact with the bicycle. Women can select wider-contoured saddles to fit their pelvic anatomy, and additional comfort.

If you enjoy the back benefits of a long reach for extended tours, upgrade your handlebar stem.

Select a bike that has touring features such as:
– Gears for hill climbing, small on the chainring, large on the freewheel.
– Cruising gears for flat terrain, small on the freewheel.
– Re-enforced frame to bear loads, mounties for racks, bottles, lights, pump.
– A frame with touring geometry, sharp angles, extended fork rake, for a smooth ride. Durable rims with at least 36 spokes of 14 gauge. Good rubber with a relatively smooth tread for travel.

Select a bike that is relatively light. Drop handlebars are best suited for long distance cycling, they put your body in the best position to reduce wind resistance and give you many hand positions for comfort.

Take your time and select gear wisely, you will relish in quality gear for a long time to come.

75 per cent of cycling fatalities are head injuries, the majority have been saved by helmets. Today’s sporty lightweights are

Cycling Shorts
What you wear on your posterior will make your touring more enjoyable, black stretch shorts with a chamois provides padding and prevents chafing and rubbing, retains heat and masks stains. Wash frequently to maintain hygiene. The original chamois or padding came from wild goats.

Gloves that are padded or gel will absorb the vibration during a tour they will protect your palms during a spill and absorb sweat so you have a better grip on the bars. No scrooging in the winter, get the insulated gloves with fingers.

A polyester fleece pelt is exceptionally warm even when wet, is especially comforting during the evening and doubles as a pillow. The shag won’t keep out the wind but so add a windbreaker or a jacket with nylon panels in the front.

Cycling shoes have stiff soles that help transmit power to the pedals. Most have a clipless pedal option that will give you more distance for effort. Select a shoe for touring or off road that can double for hiking. Wear-in your shoe before a journey. Add neoprene booties for winter.

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