The Art Of Cycling: Getting Started

Road and trail cycling is a challenging, fun, personal happening. Plenty of regions on the map offer amazing scenery to explore. I hope this site encourages you to take the plunge and experience the wealth of adventures that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The ambition and adventure of long distance touring will give you profound satisfaction. Exploring on a bicycle brings you closer to the landscape and nature of an area. You receive a sense of pioneering freedom that cannot be found in other forms of travel. The local bike routes and trails are yours to encounter at no more than the cost of a steed. So, what are you waiting for? The world is your playground!

Be Prepared
Pack some tools and learn how to use those puppies. Carry a tube and pump, tools, adequate food, water and clothing, small first aid kit, grizzly bell, etc. Check the weather forecast and ask about road and trail conditions and closures before you go. Let a friend know where you’re riding and when you’ll return. If something goes wrong with your steed, a ‘short ride in’ can be a ’long trek out’.

Bike Traveling!
Cycling provides the sensations of traveling in abundance with the promise of good food, chats, lots of laughs and rest with a wonderful evening stop. These are the things that make the traveling spirit soar. A good cycling tour will give you a variety of exceptional experiences.

The places that are fun are the small-scale places, where the road twists and winds, where there are many small roads to chose from, where there are hills to climb and to coast down, where little creeks and ponds hide around every bend, where there are funny-shaped rocks and interesting trees, and where every house and farm is different from the others. Visit new places; meet new people who also enjoy those activities.

Bliss at Last
Cycling gives you everything; cycling gives you complete bliss: your mind has directed the path and coursed you through it; your eyes have viewed it; your muscles have experienced it; your digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems have performed better than ever, and every part of yourself [you] knows you have journeyed and landed.
We like cycling because it pleases our primitive nature; it adds excitement to roaming the land.

Cycling Fitness
Recreational cycling has become one of the most popular sports in North America. Cycling will improve your fitness while you enjoy the open road or trail. Cycling improves cardiovascular fitness, body composition, flexibility, muscular endurance and strength.
Riding up hills can strengthen back and shoulder muscles more effectively than some weight lifting programs. This is a profound truth, and you will thank yourself for the task.

Long distance, low-intensity cycling improves your muscular endurance and may get you points in boxer shorts. If you cycle 5 miles in less than 20 minutes, that is comparable to running 1 mile in less than 8 minutes or swimming 600 yards in less than 15 minutes, or arm wrestling for a date.

A cycling lifestyle will reduce your risk of disease; your weight will decrease along with your arresting pulse rate. Cycling can increase your sense of well being to enjoy a more productive and happier life.

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