The Arts: The Abbotsford Arts Council Presents Dual Visions

By January 29, 2013Arts, Arts/Culture

By Gail Gromaski. The Abbotsford Arts Council announces its next gallery show at the Kariton Art Gallery: “Dual Visions” by local artists Phil Dyer and Nasser Ghaderi. The dual gallery show will feature a collection of works in photo art by Phil Dyer and a separate collection of abstract acrylic paintings by Nasser Ghaderi.

Phil Dyer
Phil Dyer’s contribution to the Dual Visions show includes digitally-manipulated images of water drops, all of which were taken at his kitchen counter using coloured art paper under and behind a water dish. The rest of his collection consists of two series: the “dual wave series,” depicting the flowing lines of a wave as it breaks on shore, and the “umbrella series,” featuring images that are indicative of water but do not actually include it.

Photography has been Dyer’s hobby for over 25 years. He embraced digital photography in 2005, allowing him to expand his creativity. Over the years, he has developed a minimalist approach whereby he often isolates a small part of a scene to capture what is important to him.

Nasser Ghaderi
Nasser Ghaderi creates his abstract paintings by throwing, splashing, drizzling, dripping and swirling acrylic paint on canvas, abstaining from using conventional tools and techniques. He “escape[s] point of view by focusing on process and experimentation instead of plotting a final product.” His paintings invite viewers to actively create their own meanings, turning the viewer into the creator.

Ghaderi_Where We Met

Nasser Ghaderi is an exploratory artist in various medium, concentrating primarily on painting abstracts using acrylics. He is a self-taught artist and pursuing painting as a career. He was executive producer of the film Vegas: Based on a True Story, which was an official selection at several film festivals including the Venice Film Festival. He is also a poet who has published poetry in literary magazines.

The show will run from February 8 to March 5 at the Kariton Art Gallery, located in Mill Lake Park at 2387 Ware Street. The gallery’s hours are Tuesday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday to Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The artists will be present at an opening reception on Sunday, February 10, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. For additional information, please contact the Abbotsford Arts Council by phone at (604) 852-9358, by email at, or visit our website .

About the Abbotsford Arts Council
Established in 1972, the Abbotsford Arts Council acts as a resource for local artists while promoting the vision, creativity, and energy of the Abbotsford community through the arts. We consist of members, volunteers and directors representing diverse artistic, economic, and cultural interests of community members of all ages. We showcase the talents of local artists at the Kariton Art Gallery and at a number of events throughout the year including the Envision Concert Series, the Arty Awards and the Christmas Artisan Gift Fair. To learn more about the Abbotsford Arts Council, visit our website at

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