The Butz Letter – Banman’s Undoing?

By Mike Archer. I’m not very well known for my short columns but I am quite literally so taken aback by Mayor Bruce Banman’s behaviour on the Stephen Butz letter I haven’t got any more long columns about his worship in me right now.

All I have are questions:

  1. Why did you sit on the March 28 letter from the YMCA’s Stephen Butz so long before bringing it to the attention of Council, Fred Thiessen, the media and the public?
  2. Why didn’t you show council the letter until ten minutes prior to the executive meeting?
  3. Why did you personally approve, on April 2, Fred Thiessen’s request to make another presentation to Council, when you had the Mar 28 letter in your possession?
  4. Why did you read the letter at the executive council verbatim and then, at the evening session ad lib while pretending to read the letter and say the Y was withdrawing, when in fact the letter did not say that?
  5. Why did you tell the people of Abbotsford that Mark Taylor’s death has led to an indefinite postponement of the YMCA proposal leaving the distinct impression that it was no longer an item of current concern?
  6. Why are you so determined to use your friends’ and neighbours money in this way, against the wishes of such a large number of them?

Though it is unlikely the Mayor will be responding to a such a public request for information from an organization like Abbotsford Today which is so far removed from the authorized channels of one-way communication between Abbotsford City Hall and the people of Abbotsford, the questions outlined above may prove to be a useful print out for residents to bring with them to the next Abbotsford Council meeting on April 22 if only to see if he even addresses the matter and, in so doing, whether or not he answers any of the questions.

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    The very quiet after the letter was read andheads were
    bending downward indicated to me instantly something
    was not right.

    It is truly disprespectful to the taxpayers, esp. Fred
    Thiessen, who is a voice for the everyday citizens, who
    are opposed to a YMCA in Abbotsford due to the fiscal
    lack of funds for this project, at this time.

    I bet mayor Banman would NOT use this approach to deal with
    a controversial issue not supported, by the Abbotsford Chamber
    Exec., so-called city stakeholders.

    What about the “other” citizens in this city, who pay taxes
    and also have a stake in this city and are entitled to fairness
    and honest governance,too, when dealing with important issues
    facing “their” city?

    I think Mayor Banman owes the NO opponents in this city, residents
    and business people an apology and answers to their questions.

  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    One could say, Mayor’s release of the YMCA letter
    to be bordering, “underhanded actions” on his part.

  • elsie k. neufeld says:

    if Mr. Banman has any integrity, he will read a letter at the next council meeting in which he tenders his resignation, effective immediately.

    Mike: if you’re short on headlines, how about “Banman and the (ki)butz.”

    God bless Abbotsford.

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