The City Did Have A Choice

Dear Editor. Re: City has no choice but the courts -Rudolph

The city did have a choice and they chose to ignore the homeless
problem by simply expecting to drive them out of the Downtown
Abbotsford Business Area using police and chicken manure to
drive them out of the area.

If they had made the choice to try to find a permanent homeless site
for the homeless years ago in fact a few months ago,instead of
dumping manure on their homeless camp on Gladys, they would
not be in Jubilee Park right now!

The only people to blame are those at the city, who have had
the authority to address the homeless problem but did nothing
to help find a permanent site away from the business area in Old Downtown, who are now calling the city on a daily basis to have the homeless moved out of Jubilee Park.

Drug War Survivor, Barry Shantz is an advocate for the homeless
and the business people should see him as someone who is trying
to find a solution for getting the homeless out of Jubilee Park.
The stalemate has occurred @ City Hall and now more tax $$$
are being used to once again, move the homeless.

Where does the city think they’ll move to and who will supervise
camps for safety issues or do the safety concerns only apply because the homeless are in Jubilee Park?
While, I do believe the homeless camp does not belong in Jubilee Park,
until, a permanent site is found, what is the purpose of moving them again and again?

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