Yesterday you remembered us for what you say we did. You said we died for your freedom but when I look down from the Heavens, I still see fighting and oppression and I see governments of the free world running their countries as if they owned it instead of doing what’s best for their fellow countrymen.

Did I die in vain?

What exactly do you remember each November 11? Don’t just remember me and my comrades, remember al the fathers/brothers/nephews/lovers who never returned.

In those days I saw my share of horrors, hoping that after us, they would never have to be seen by any eyes again. How naïve I still was.

War nowadays is about power and oil. It’s about the rich getting more rich and about control of natural resources. I can see things very clearly from my vantage point.

The beautiful young souls about to sacrifice themselves are told a lie! This is not about patriotism, this is about greed!

Did you never learn that those of us who came back were broken? Maybe you didn’t see it after WW2, but surely you saw it after Vietnam. My fellow comrades who survived Vietnam were never the same again.

Those you send into war these days, face more horror than we could ever imagine in our day.
This has nothing to do with being brave. These young soldiers are sacrificed, physically and if they survive, mentally as well. Families are never the same either.

This is not what I died for! You are not remembering me correctly if that is what you think. I died so you would never have to go through this again. And here you are, being taken advantage of, being sold a war that should never be!

Hear me, stop sacrificing our young in the name of patriotism. Stop sending our young out to be maimed and killed so the rich can line their pockets with even more money and they can extract even more power.

While the wreaths are still visible around our cenotaphs and monuments, either stop wars and learn to live together on this planet and share with others what you have, in the peace you said I died for.

Or stop remembering us all together.

Your Fallen Hero

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