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Tales of Turtle Gardens
A series of short stories co-authored by Yvette Labatte and Nancy Bain about Turtle Gardens rescues. If you enjoy reading the blog, you will enjoy these true stories of how the dog came to Turtle Gardens and what happened after. Available on as ebooks, you can read them on your eReader, smartphone or your computer using the free Kindle reading app.
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Currently, a free promo for the most recent story, The Dog That Couldn’t Come Home.
Free until December 29th!Balsam is “The Dog That Couldn’t come Home” in this poignant story of a dog and her adopter and their struggle to adjust to life together.

Rescued by Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue from the wilderness of northern British Columbia, Balsam had lived her life as a feral dog before being adopted by author Nancy Bain.

While Balsam struggled against the constraints of four walls, leashes, and fences, Bain struggled to create a loving and safe environment for her, determined to win her trust.

They each succeeded in their own way.

BCforestdogsIf you haven’t read it already, be sure to read this one – The Bella Coola 4: Dogs in the Forest. you can also purchase it now ($2.09) royalties go to Turtle Gardens.

On a holiday side trip to the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, vacationers discovered four dogs, abandoned and starving.

Knowing they were the only hope for the dogs to live, they were determined to rescue them. Luckily, they knew not to leave them at an animal rescue shelter unless they asked a crucial question that would determine if the dogs lived or died.April 30th, 2008, Yvette’s blog paid tribute to Lou and Bonny Baird who drove from Bella Coola to Turtle Gardens with four emaciated dogs found in the forest.
The amazing backstory to this blog is now available as a short story on

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