The Guerilla Gardener: Things To Do With Kids

By June 4, 2014The Guerilla Gardener

By Brenda Dyck. School will be starting soon, and the way this economy is going you’re going to need to start stocking money away for school supplies. This is not only going to cut into your gardening budget but also the entertainment budget for the children.

Let’s face it, if they’re not entertained they’re going to be bugging you that they’re bored. I don’t have children, but as a guerilla gardener (who has had previous nanny experience) I know that it is no way to enjoy the last of the summer! So here are a few inexpensive guerilla garden ideas I found on the internet to keep them entertained and your budget intact.

Soda Bottle Terrarium
A great recycling project that can even be done on rainy days. If you want to keep it really simple you can always go with the ‘instant’ pop bottle terrarium. Either way, make sure to search the dollar store for some inhabitants.

Coffee Ground “Fossils”
This is a great idea for using up old coffee grounds and justification for yet another coffee break while the children are busy. If you don’t drink coffee you can apparently go to Starbucks and they will give you some coffee grounds for free. Remember as a guerilla garden you’re not cheap, (especially if your seen at Starbucks), you’re environmentally concious.

Stick Vase
This is a brilliant idea for getting the sticks picked up around your yard. Just tell the children when they have enough sticks they will be able to make a vase to keep or give away as a gift.

Garden Treasure Hunt
This makes a great play date/birthday adventure. It takes a little time to set up, but the map is reusable and the treasure can be almost anything. Be sure to occasionally include having to ‘do’ a gardening task (deadheading, watering, pick beans, etc,) before finding the next treasure. It’s not slave labor Mr. Social Worker, it’s creative fun!

Sea Shell Critters and Pet Rocks
So your kids have collected some seashells at the beach or some rocks when they were camping and they’re always bugging you that they want a pet. Get some googly eyes, paint and permanent markers at the dollar store and let them make their own seashell critters and pet rocks to live in the garden.

The best case scenario of using this guerilla gardening tactic is that not only will your budget be intact, but you will involve your children in gardening by sparking their imaginations and creativity and create memories.

Worst case scenario is that they think your gardening ideas are lame, but if you force them to participate every time they tell you how bored they are, they will be sure not to say it again while in your presence.

It’s another guerilla garden win/win situation!

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