The Immaculate Mules

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Jam in Jubilee is one of the best things to come out of Abbotsford in the last two decades. Some of the performers and bands who have played the summer festival are making names for themselves far beyond the little corner of Abbotsford where people come together every Thursday night during the summer months.

Among those – The Immaculate Mules

From CBC Music. The Immaculate Mules, a folk-rock band from Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada was reformed in 2008 by singer song writer Nathan de Jager.

The band took an entire year preparing and perfecting their new sound before performing their first show as the new membered band in the old part of town of Abbotsford British Columbia.

Their debut album ‘The old part of town’ contains genres of folk, rock, jazz, lounge, blues, country and bebop.

Guitarist Paul Kaszonyi, bassist Dave Stewart, drummer Geoff Wall and vocalist Nathan de Jager make up this four piece band.

PHOTO Album Art by Andrew Macdonald

From Jam In Jubilee. Gloriously stubborn, The Immaculate Mules, despite their multi-manifestations of the past, are still present with a full length album and an affinity with the old part of town. The last rats of the alley, Nathan de Jager and Paul Kaszonyi, have crafted a nest of folk, country, and blues in the sewers and spit of a town within a state of change. With a gutter of vocal, the bend of guitar, and a pocket of rhythm The Immaculate Mules present a sonic text of the past with the whispers of the present.

Nathan de Jager and Paul Kaszonyi

Nathan de Jager and Paul Kaszonyi

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