The Net: Hackers Target Apple Devices

Some Fraser Valley residents are reporting having their bank accounts hacked due to an Apple security breach. When contacted, one local credit union said they are monitoring the situation but have no evidence yet that any of their accounts have been breached.

A warning has been issued for anyone who owns an Apple product.

A major software flaw could allow hackers to intercept your email.

The problem exists for anyone using an iPhone 4 or later model, iPod touch, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad Air.

The security risk stems from a problem with encrypting data you send from your device over a wireless internet connection.

Apple says an attacker may capture or modify data.

“Every consumer needs to do the following, they need to have up to date software on their iPhone, on their iPad, on their Mac. The reality today is there are vulnerabilities,” ABC News consultant and former FBI special agent Brad Garrett said.

Apple is admitting to the major flaw. The company released software patches for some of the products, but not for the Mac OS 10 operating system, which runs Apple laptop and desktop computers. Tech experts recommend not using Safari on Mac computers and using Chrome or Firefox until Apple releases an update.


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