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Fourteen New Sites Suggested – We’ve added some new sites to our reader favourites and one new site to our own media sites that we follow regularly. Take a look through the list. You can’t avoid finding something interesting.

One of the great things about the Internet is that you can browse sites from all over the world, on just about any topic you find interesting. Most people have spent hours surfing the web using search engine query terms and keywords to find websites devoted to subjects which fascinate them.

Note: See Reader Suggested Sites At The Bottom Of The Post

Today Feature Site: The Buttry Diary suggested by Today writer Shaheen Shivji

One of the great criticisms of the web from the uninitiated is that there is so much information out there it is impossible to sift the gems out of the garbage. We’ll help the uninitiated get started and provide a forum for the rest to share good sites they’ve found.

Know Of A Great Website?

If you know of a great website you’d like to share with the rest of us, use the comments box below or simply email us at:

Specialized sites, hobbies, books, kite flying or just making sense of things on the Internet. Share you wisdom …

While this can certainly be true at the outset there are several sites that have stepped into the breech and have become ‘go to’ sites for those interested in news and information that is topical, useful, interesting and truly new.

The great experiment that is the Internet, while allowing for an enormous amount of junk to exist on the web, has also introduced the ‘babbling bazaar’ philosophy best enunciated and portrayed by Linux – user generated content and user moderated critiques.

Some of the media sites with an international scope we visit regularly are:
Described as the most well-known group blog in existence it is a blog written by more than one person, each of whom is known as an editor. These editors live all over the world and submit posts on anything from dog grooming to art, music, news, videos or flying cars.
This is a news site run by its users. Visitors to the site can either ‘digg’ (like/support/recommend) a story or ‘bury’ (dislike/not support/ not recommend) it.
The headlines are always changing because new stories appear and users vote on their ‘diggability’
Gawker bills itself ‘Gossip from Manhattan and the Beltway to Hollywood and the Valley’ and carries some pretty amazing stuff. Funny, satirical, edgy the site provides the complete antithesis to the TV nightly news.
Still the granddaddy of balanced international news sources the BBC News site pulls us out of our navel gazing North American centered world and tells us some of the fascinating, entertaining and frankly disturbing news that is going on out in the real world.

The Telegraph
One of the grandaddies of British and World journalism still provides some of the best international and European coverage available. .
One of the original Canadian Internet news sites
The one and only

Silas Kain is doing something unique and worthwhile on Internet Radio. He wants to get Canadians and Americans talking … to one another. Check it out every Thursday night at 8 pm PST.

Locally much of the web is still in its infancy but there are a some great blogs, and sites devoted to more than the chain newspaper narrative.

No Strings Attached – Laila Yuile
With Langley Township Councillor Jordan Bateman and Sam Politics Kirk.
Owned and operated by Fraser Valley’s Alexandria Mitchell, the site says it is all about “Powering down, and tuning in to the issues that are facing us today. In other words it’s about paying attention to our planet, people, and the world around us.”
BC’s home for news culture and solutions. Without a doubt the best source for online news and culture in BC.

The Breckenridge ZoneAbbotsford’s home for all matters related to politics, homelessness, poverty and topics of general interest from James Breckenridge.
An alternate look and news, culture and sports in the big city.
Started by Rafe Mair and Damien Gillis the site with the words, “We must be, in the circumstances of today’s appalling media, be our own media and I hope you’ll see this website as a major step in the right direction. It is.
The advocacy site Rafe started and still runs about provincial affairs and the truth behind the headlines.

(We’ll published links to the sites you suggest to us below. So tell us where to go!)

Know Of A Great Local Website?

If you know of a great website in the Lower Mainland that covers interesting stuff well, share with the rest of us! Use the comments box below or simply email us at:

Music, Sports, Books, Food, Day trips, Entertainment, Clubs, Networking, … Tell us where to find great local content and we’ll share it!

  • rasblogs
    Short lectures on all sorts of things that have been animated to make them easy to understand. – From
  • xkcd
    Here is a great webcomic. Its nerdy but would appeal to anyone. – From
    The other news in a one-newspaper town. From Editor
  • grooveshark
  • From thewalrus

  • From Today contributor Shaheen Shivji

  • – The Best
  • From Sibedaya
  • All about Animal Advocacy, Activism, Bylaws, etc. in Mission and the Fraser Valley. Political oriented, all levels of Government, Anti-Noise Pollution, proposed Bylaws and Legislation to combat this health issue – noise. Recommended by George Evens.
  • Everything from great recipes to ways of migrating your Facebook account and data to Google. The latest, best ‘How To’ site.
  • suggested by Today contributor Shaheen Shivji.
  • the BC Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) suggested by Today contributor Lily Kaetler
  • Alex Tsakumis suggested by Today contributor Win Wachsmann
  • The Buttry Diary suggested by Today writer Shaheen Shivji
  • io9 – We Come From The Future. Really cool site recommended by reader sobedaya

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  • Mitt Martin says:

    Here’s a great webcomic. Its nerdy but would appeal to anyone.

  • Mitt Martin says:

    Short lectures on all sorts of things that have been animated to make them easy to understand.

  • Mitt Martin says:

    Grooveshark is a site that was suggested to me by a friend this weekend. It lets you search for music other people have uploaded to the site and stream it online. The sound quality and speed is ridiculous. I’m used to the tradeoff for this kind of thing being muddy music with the occasional weird skip or scratch, but so far my experience has been perfect.
    You have to sign up for a free account to use the site. Once you do its basically formatted like iTunes. There’s a library option so you don’t have to research for music every time you log on. There’s also facebook integration, because what doesn’t have that these days?
    They even seem to have music from before the digital age. I just searched Herman’s Hermits and got several albums worth of results, which is just bizarre.

    This really sounds like an add, now that I read it over.

  • Mitt Martin says:

    Stuck in Customs has beautiful travel photos with blog entries providing the story behind each image. I found this site through a posting on Kotaku the other day and have been going back each day since. I’ve been using the portfolio section more than the main page usually because I’ve found the main page a little slow. I guess there’s a lot to load. Beautiful pictures either way.

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