The Pope On The Internet

By January 29, 2014Faith, The Net

Cory Doctorow comments of Pope Francis’ message for World Communication Day on Boing Boing.
[excerpt] Pope Francis on the Internet and communication
Pope Francis’s Message for World Communication Day addressed itself to the Internet’s place in Catholic society and the wider world. David Weinberger — an “agno-atheistical Jew who lives in solidarity with an Orthodox community” who has a long track record of saying smart things about the Internet — has a very good commentary on the Pope’s words, which he found to be in the spirit of the best the Internet has to offer.

Those who communicate, in effect, become neighbours. The Good Samaritan not only draws nearer to the man he finds half dead on the side of the road; he takes responsibility for him. Jesus shifts our understanding: it is not just about seeing the other as someone like myself, but of the ability to make myself like the other. Communication is really about realizing that we are all human beings, children of God.

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