By James Breckenridge. The situation is filled with monumental irony; an irony brimming with delicious black humour.

Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy, two veteran television reporters who had in their careers hounded politicians and political parties about the lack of ethics and the non-ethical behaviour of the politicians and political party, found themselves forced to resign from the Conservative caucus because of the non-ethical behaviour their personal ethics (or lack thereof) allowed them to engage in.

In light of human nature I wonder how many politicians and ex-politicians derived satisfaction from watching the media do unto Wallin and Duffy, as Wallin and Duffy had done unto others?

One would have thought that the pair of them would have known better than to set themselves up as ‘dinner’ at a media feeding frenzy.

Pic3wallinsnoutThe disturbing aspect about this matter is how quickly, after years of getting in the face of others about their wasting of taxpayer dollars, lack of ethics and pigging out at the public trough, upon their appointment to the ranks of Conservative Senators, Senators Wallin and Duffy bellied up and began to pig out at the public trough.

Although I suppose that in this case the surprise must be tempered by the fact they were appointed members of the Conservative caucus.

The future of Canada and the legacy that we will pass on to the next generations demands that as Canadians and Canada we re-examine the ideas and ideals that serve as the foundation of our society.

Because while it’s true that the mettle of Duffy and Wallin would only be truly revealed when put to the test with their appointment as senators, the nature of Canada, Canadians and the Society we have built should discourage greedily pigging out at the public trough and a sense of entitlement, rather than supporting the growth of greed and a sense of entitlement.

And as revealing of character as their actions in pigging out at the public trough were, it is the fact that although forced to resign from the Conservative caucus, they have not resigned from the Senate that publicly damns their character.

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