The Wait Is Over, Fall Fundraiser For Turtle Gardens!

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This Regal Turtle Gardens Fundraiser Offers A Great Opportunity To Help Bring In Much Needed Funds!

Turtle Gardens Volunteers introduced the Regal Fundraiser last fall and they decided to run it again this year. Regal is a well known brand and the catalogs are full of useful and fun items, not only to use in your own home but also as a gift for Christmas as well. Click here for the Christmas countdown clock,lol ☺


Most of us are familiar with Regal. Who has not seen a Regal catalog with all the products? Most of them useful, a lot of them fun too.

The beauty of the Regal Gifts for Turtle Gardens Fundraiser is that there is no location requirement, just as there isn’t for the forever homes for the Turtle Gardens dogs.

Fortunately for Stan, he does not have to drive the orders out to the homes! Regal will deliver the order straight to you, and because you browse the catalog online and order online through the link Regal has set up for us, this way to donate could not be easier.

I would like to ask you to share this story and link with your families, co-workers, and friends. It is my hope that when Turtle Gardens receives their check from Regal at the end of this fundraiser, that they won’t have to worry about things for a long time to come and that they can concentrate on what they do like no other and that is healing dog’s souls and finding them that perfect forever home!

About Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue
Many moons ago,Yvette saw a desperate need and jumped in. Through the love, sweat and tears of Turtle Gardens many dogs that had no present and certainly no future, have found forever homes and yet the need continues.

Yvette at an educational event

Yvette at an educational event

Yvette has educated, been the last resort, and has been an open door in an area where there are very few resources. Which in turn means there are very few resources for fundraising opportunities.

A steady group of volunteers in the Lower Mainland work hard on fundraisers for Turtle Gardens. We all believe in what Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue does up north, they are making a big difference with all that they do.

Needless to say Turtle Gardens requires money to pull all this off. Money for vet bills, as dogs who find their way to Turtle Gardens are all vetted, spayed, neutered.

Money for dog food. And the transport of said food to Topley.

Quite a ways!

Quite a ways!

Money for transport. The majority of dogs find their adoptive homes in the Lower Mainland and Stan drives them there. That is a 12 and a half hour drive one way from Topley to Vancouver.
Why do they go that far to find homes? Simple, that is where most of the homes are. And Stan will not keep a 12.5 hour drive from giving his charges the best possible forever home out there! I greatly admire that attitude!

Then of course there are the costs for cleaning supplies, and they are meticulous about cleaning! Especially the mom and pups area. Germs don’t get adopted at Turtle Gardens!

I am naming the basic essentials that come to mind. I fully assume there are lots more. But I want to give you a feeling of why fundraisers are so crucial to the survival up North.

I'm helping out at a fundraiser!

I’m helping out at a fundraiser!

Turtle Gardens is backed by some major larger names – Pedigree Dog Food, Pacific Coastal Airlines (transporting dogs), Pepsi Refresh Project (TG Bus), Health Products for Pets (Lucid Distributors), Jake & Daisy’s Raw Food, Cambie Animal Hospital, Burns Lake Vet Clinic, RC Pets, Feed Store, P & B Feeds, Van Pets, Mr.Pets (North Vancouver) & you!

Turtle Gardens on going WISH LIST:

• Cleaning supplies,
• Bedding (blankets, sheets)
• Food
• Toys – all types!
• Collars, Leashes, Jackets, Harnesses
• Crates
• Office supplies (paper, pens, envelopes, printing donations for their fundraising functions & business cards)
• Medical supplies (gauze, vet wrap, revolution, advantage plus)
• Head cones for surgeries
• Grocery store card
• Gas cards
• Phone cards
• Fire wood
• Cash

Pretty much anything you can think of they can find a use for. One major item Turtle Gardens is in desperate need of donations towards is the purchase or donation of a machine. A back hoe is needed to help maintain the dogs yard and that of the TG Rescue property.

If you have something you’d like to donate of any size please contact Janine and she will see that your offer or idea gets into the right hands.
• Janine at

Donations can be picked up from anywhere in the lower mainland and further to that can be organized for other areas of the province by contacting one of the above emails.

• Cash donations can be made securely through the Canada Helps website.

All of the Turtle Gardens dogs Thank You for taking the time to consider making a donation towards TG and to make their lives a little more comfortable!

For more information about Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue and/or contact information please click here.

Below are a few dogs currently available for adoption through Turtle Gardens. For a full and up to date list please click here.
TG up for adoption

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