Thoughts From The Street

Editor’s Note: In an effort to introduce some of the citizens Abbotsford who are currently homeless to those who still have a home we’d like to introduce Kimberly Quinn who submitted this column.

By Kimberly Quinn.    Thank God these couple of weeks have been done and gone. It’s been so chaotic and frustrating. Now I am at the point where I am so done with a lot of things.

Today I am so very grateful and very thankful that I have been given another chance in life that I have received.

And I know that there is a Creator in my life that truly loves me.

But all in all, life may leads to confusion or problems and can be so exhausting if we don’t have a handle on it properly.

I know for a fact that it does happen when we least expect it.

But keep in mind that everything in the end will work itself out – if you put your mind to it!

In all my years of struggling with many demons and ghosts from my closet, and not only my mind, has taught me many great lessons in life that I would not exchange for anything in the whole universe.

Sure some things had set me back at times but once I finally really looked at the whole picture and saw it for what it was, it eventually became easier to deal with.

In my own personal opinion if we never went through any personal issues that we never intended to deal with, we would never live life this far! We would have given up a long time ago, and I don’t care what anybody has to say … it’s our life, choice and opinion. No one lives our life or breathes, cries, laughs or feels and thinks for us. Only us for our own life!

I am grateful for my life and the beautiful children I have created and my man I love and all my friends.

But let’s face facts – every society may struggle with not wanting to deal with addicts like myself and others.

That’s understandable, but what are they trying to prove? Or say?

That we addicts of different drugs should be put on an island far away and that’s that?

But, that would be fine for now! What will happen later on down the road another generation will arise and continue the drug addiction cycle and so on …

It is a win and lose battle and is going to be all over the world.

No one is looking at all angles and seeing that the government of every country in the world has a part in the drug scene. Yeah, the government is corrupt and we all know it but no one wants to admit it. And that’s really sad …

So why single out the drug addicts for everyone else’s mistakes?

I have a feeling that, one day, things of the utmost importance will reveal themselves when least expected for all to see.  But will everyone be able to handle it? Whatever it is?

I think most will be helpless or vulnerable and won’t be able to deal with the problems.

They will be the ones that will be asking the questions and have the sorry looks on their faces.

So in my honest opinion that’s when both sides should come together, not as one, but try as a community for once and come to a conclusion.

We need one another whether we like it or not. In order for a solution to work, that is what has to be.

We were born with a choice and freedom of will and it was our choice to do what we wanted to do with our own decision of our life.

Sure it will be new to everyone concerned – on both sides of the fence – but why fight each other. That won’t solve a damn thing.

The other thing I am most grateful for is my life and how all the things and places, people have come into my life and just was there.

How has my life turned out the way it did? I never planned it, it just happened.

I am at the very crossroad of my life and struggling a bit with choices I have made but deep down, I need and want to go back to school.

I will be an asset in some areas but it will help me in the long run.

I guess I’m trying to say enough is enough; start living and help others now.

That’s what I am grateful or thankful for cause the Creator gave me a heart, mind, and a voice and a very talented gift, to be a writer and to express whatever it is I want to express.

For better or for worse. No one is perfect in this world we share – sharing the same air, sunshine, sunrise, sunset if you are on the same side of the earth.

So; in other words, as I say it to people very bluntly: get your head out of your ass and get with it and quit renting space in your head where you cannot afford it.

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