Three Fall Exhibition Openings At The Reach

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Submitted. The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford presents three memorable and moving exhibitions for the Fall of 2013. In The Great Hall we are presenting, The Navy: A Century of Art, a travelling exhibition produced by the Canadian War Museum, and Abbotsford: A Community at War, which tells the stories of local veterans and how Abbotsfordians were affected by the challenges of wartime. In The Grotto and South Galleries, we are presenting Flight Worthy by Vancouver artist, Virigina Ivanicki. All three exhibitions will be on display until January 5, 2014.

Thursday, September 26, 7:30pm – Dr. Laura Brandon, Acting Director, Research, Canadian War Museum will open The Navy: A Century in Art .

Friday September 27, 12pm, Free – Tour of The Navy: A Century in Art by Dr. Laura Brandon, Acting Director, Research, Canadian War Museum.

Saturday, September 28, 12:30pm, Free – Tour Flight Worthy by Vancouver artist, Virginia Ivanicki.

Saturday, September 28, 12-3pm, Free – Family Activities relating to the exhibition themes.

Navy artThe artworks displayed in The Navy: A Century in Art depict the diverse roles, traditions and key moments for this national institution. Some of Canada’s finest artists have captured the Canadian naval experience in times of war and peace — from dramatic depictions of the Battle of the Atlantic to intimate portraits of life at sea and ashore. Their works show us the human face of this experience, while helping to illuminate the important role that the Navy has played in Canadian history for the past 100 years. The exhibition features 46 paintings from many of Canada’s leading war artists, and demonstrates how geography, history and war have shaped the Navy through its first century of service. This exhibition features paintings from both official and unofficial war artists including: Arthur Lismer, Alex Colville, Harold Beament, Donald C. Mackay, Anthony Law, Ted Zuber and Pegi Nicol MacLeod. The oceans that surround Canada on its Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific coasts have protected our nation from external threats and connected it to global conflicts. This dual role — security at home and service abroad — has defined the Canadian Navy for a century. The exhibition is therefore organized in four thematic sections: A Canadian Navy, The Navy at Sea, The Navy’s Wars and its Legacy.

In The Grotto and South Gallery

Reach exhibit 2Flight Worthy by Virginia Ivanicki

The exhibition is an homage to the airplanes and crews of WWII. The paintings combine the buildings, terrain and flying machines in surreal aerial vistas. Virginia Ivanicki states: “With such courage, daring and integrity, at impossibly young ages, I felt their essence to be somewhat indelible – that there must be another dimension, an afterlife perhaps, where they still flew and the lost buildings still stood – somewhat tattered, gritty and worn, but continuing on with all that could not be destroyed. I created the series to honour these men and their machines – and to envision a place where they will always exist.”

Thursday, November 7, 2013 – Author- Hugh Brewster, Two presentations: 1pm and 7pm.

reach exhibit 3We are pleased to provide the public an opportunity to hear Hugh Brewster, who will tell the stories of Canada’s soldiers in both world wars, highlighting some of the events and experiences described in his books. He will also talk about his forthcoming book From Vimy to Victory: Canada’s Fight to the Finish in World War I. There will be books on hand for sale and signing after the talk.

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