Three More Well-Connected Toffs Appointed To EDC

Jay Teichroeb, General Manager, Economic Development and Planning Services responsible for the Economic Development Advisory Committee, has recommended that Council appoint Ian
Renton of Beautiworld Development Corporation & Blauson Homes Incorporated to represent the City lndustry Development Advisory Committee, David Holmberg, Director and Chair, to represent the Abbotsford Airport Authority and Brenda Falk of Tanglebank Gardens to represent the Agricultural Advisory Committee on the Economic Development Advisory Committee.

The three are being nominated to fill vacancies left by departing members from the same organizations.

Teichroeb made no mention in his report to Council of any attempts to get members of the public to sit on the powerful committee. Mayor Bruce Banman had made a commitment at the beginning of his term of office to get more average citizens into the City’s powerful committee system.

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