Three Tips To Optimize Your Social Media Accounts Like A Pro!

By July 26, 2014Katt Stearns

By Katt Stearns.
If a potential client were to watch a video of yours on YouTube, see a pin on Pinterest, or read a Tweet on your Twitter account, would they be able to easily find your website or contact you for more information?

It’s surprising how many businesses have not optimized their social media accounts so potential clients can connect with them.

In today’s busy world, most clients won’t take the extra 2 minutes to Google your company’s website to learn more—especially if they are on a mobile phone. Optimizing your accounts so people can easily connect with you is crucial.

Here are 3 simple steps to optimize your Social Media accounts like a pro!

1. Username

Consistency is key! Having the same name on all of your social platforms may sound like a no-brainer, but a lot of companies either don’t secure their names on social media accounts; or have waited too long and their company name is already taken.

To avoid this, one of the first things you should do is register the same name for your company on all the key social media platforms. Even if you aren’t sure you’ll use them in the future, it’s better to be safe than sorry. There’s nothing worse than realizing another company already secured your company name after you decide to start using platforms like Pinterest or Vine.

One of the easiest tools to check the availability of usernames across multiple social media platforms is Simply type in the username you want for your business and click search. Namecheck will scan numerous social sites and domains and show you where that name is available and where it has already been registered.

2. Profile Images

Your profile image is one of the most important elements of your social media profile—especially in the age of mobile! When scanning the news feed on any platform, your profile image will tend to stand out more than your profile name. Having a consistent image across all your platforms that is sized properly for each platform will help your followers connect with you on that channel. It will also help followers easily recognize you on various platforms.

3. Links to Website

It is still surprising to me how many business social media profiles don’t include a link to their website or blog. How is someone going to be able to learn more about the great services and products you offer when you don’t have a link leading them to your website?

Review your social media platforms and make sure that you have included a link to your website. Also, take a look at the individual content you send out and look for opportunities to include a link to your website.

For example, in all of the YouTube videos we create for our clients, we include “Connect With Us” in the description section which leads to their website and other social media platforms. This way, if someone happens to find the video from a Google search they can easily see how to connect with the business.

Optimize your account with these 3 simple tips: having a consistent name, profile picture, and a link to your website will help you build a strong following online and make it easy for potential clients to learn more about you.

Do you have a question about social media and how it can help your business? Leave your questions in the comments below!

Katt StearnsAbout Katt Stearns
We all have a story to tell. Capturing it in a manner that engages, educates and entertains your audience requires Strategic Social. Katt Stearns is a social media marketing consultant, speaker and trainer. She has worked with numerous organizations including BC Hydro’s Power Smart, Thompson Rivers University and Mission Folk Music Festival to develop strategic social media strategies that help them share their stories, and make a difference in the world. Katt is also the Director of Social Strategy for We Make Stuff Happen. You can find Katt at, Google+ or on Twitter at @KattStearns.

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