Time To Restore Our Reputation

Attention: Mayor and Council. Re: ACS rezoning proposal R13-010.

I am writing in support of the ACS rezoning proposal to build a 21 bed Supportive Housing Unit.

It is both humane and practical to provide housing and support for homeless people. Homelessness is associated with many social problems. The costs of providing emergency medical care, policing, and legal services is huge. It seems more practical to take a preventative approach. Safe and supported housing would take desperation out of daily existence. Potentially, individuals living in a supported housing unit could one day lead productive and independent lives in Abbotsford. I understand that some downtown businesses are not supportive, but surely individuals in supported housing would present a much reduced potential for problems that what exists currently. ACS has a long history of providing excellent support services, and I have no doubt the facility would be managed well.

Recently our community has been presented in a less than charitable light because of the anti-harm reduction by-law and manure spreading to force homeless people to move. It is time to restore our reputation. Whether you feel that homelessness is the fault of the individual or not, it is both practical and more cost-effective to adopt the ACS type of solution.

I ask that you support the re-zoning proposal in the interest of the people it would benefit as well as the reputation of our city.

Thank you

Karen Davies

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